$100Bn loss for Facebook?


Four within the last six months and the rest either during the 2008 correction and the tech bubble?

Really makes you think.

Now that antitrust is being pushed by pull peddlers, is this the (very unlikely) result of shareholders who understand that the government corrupts or is this the result of under-the-table conversations about  how the gubmint is going to screw over the shareholders by appointing tech czars? Either way, this does not look good. I’d rather have Zucky looking into my profile than the current US gubmint.


This image speaks otherwise. Seems like the shareholders are all sheep. So much for his “$1/year” salary. Zucky probably knows the government has it in for him good. He’s of no use to them anymore. That is why incompetent bastards like the woman below and many others are now clamoring to regulate facebook and amazon – the party’s over, but they think they can masquerade around like it’s still up.


That’s not a pregnant woman, that’s a goblinette. Look at her legs, that’s not even a half-decent load-bearing structure. Hillary looks like an olympian in comparison. Also, she’s actually NOT pregnant. A true dysgenic specimen.

ITC regulation is just another word for nationalization, anyway. Sign up for a government ID with facebook, buy stuff with amazon, get your data leaked to thugs through the government. It’s gotten so bad that honest men like Bill Gates quit two decades ago and the biggest companies now call their government liasons their CEOs. The government’s getting better at thuggery, it’s not using guns anymore but kitchen knives.


Google’s government liason.

If FB and AMZN fall  that’s it for the kwa, goodbye, sweet dreams. No one’ll be there to bring a fresh change of diapers for the 300 million sheeple.