Kilauea has been active for two months and may be active for years.

Pompei: Scheletro

unfortunate dude in Pompeii rescued 2000 years late

Fuego erupted more than a month ago and registered one of the biggest eruptions in its history. Mount Rainier is worrying people.  Greenland is burning from peat and the worst parts of the US are, too.


I suck at this?

Meanwhile the only companies keeping the world afloat are being hammered by antitrust legislations and probably nationalized under the table. The food’s burning and you’re looking at your face in the plate. Wake up, sheeple! The world’ll run out of gas and you’ll still be waiting for your steak! It’s not coming, ever! You can either be extremely lucky at this point and get one in the line or snatch it from someone else’s plate. You watch enough news and start thinking for yourself and all of this quickly becomes very obvious and the only thing to do is first defense and then offense.