Is open-source dead?

Torvalds isn’t one prone to apologies, and I trust him to teach his kids better than to stab him in the back. First Terry, and now him. Quick, use Stallman (heh) and put De Raadt in a bunker!

Once SJWs invade, there is no going back. If the kernel is cucked, the internet is kaput. Torvalds was born to maintain the kernel and right now there is literally no one else that can take it up. Further changes have been frozen until he returns, if he does so in his previous capacity or rigor is yet to be known.

kill it with fire


This is who tipped the kernel. His face is gore. The best hope here is him succumbing to the 33% suicide rate for mentally damaged humans who change sex. It should happen. Despite converting, he is a lesbian. He also wrote the CoC and somehow bullied the entire kernel team. Many contributors aren’t contributing part-time, they’re paid by companies to maintain their drivers for a period of time, and contracts won’t change because of the new CoC. This means any change will gain permanence. Forks won’t matter, and there are not enough people to support one anyway.

A few maintainers are threatening to invoke their license rights – they could withdraw their changes and freeze the kernel, and also gain the ability to sue many corporations who use a variant of the same. That’s hibernation, and still deadly.

I don’t want to use wangblows again. Neither do I want to use FacebookOS or iFagOS. If linux dies, everything else does, too. No bug reports, no patches, no updates. No one’s going to wait. RIP internet.