Why would anyone

lie on the internet? Seriously?

It pays to be paranoid on the internet, obviously, but once they’re marked your ear you might as well go tex-style into the abyss and start discussing your mind with your employers. People will shun you socially but what good are they if you have to bring yourself down to their level? Trade and move on.

That went on a tangent.

xX_NoBackspaceClub ecks dee

I’m planning to write five paragraphs right now but I think the reason why I’m writing this is to show off my e-peen and stating that I’m notmlying.

What’s the point of blogging if every idea you have is executed to extraverted object/concept perceptive linking perfection and closed and discarded after attaining complete contextual self-consistency? I suppose Cassandra complex is one, but my brand of future might now come to pass, that is all I can say with certainty. I state hereby that writing without extempore without the backspace key seems thrilling but is also a very good psych profile tool for three letter agencies that they can’t get from my one-word shitposts at the dirtiest place on the internet. Anyway, keyboards suck and I can’t wait for accurate non-botnet speech-to-text systems with keyboard markings for abbreviations and numbers and other things because, let’s face it, AI is never going to be a thing in the manner most think it will be. It’ll just be some computer trained over a million test sets that can maybe accurately translate what you’re saying and apply it to preexisting rulesets with high enough accuracy for said tasks. Obviously, as accuracy goes down as it multiplies, the stacks of rulesets would be disastrous, and I can’t wait to see stuff crash and burn after suhmart people quickly buy into the AI Hype once we get good processors for that. I guess another reason is giving future me (Hi!) something ot read about what I was thinking about ten years into the future and mark my progress, but that still doesn’t explain why I’m not keeping this private. There’s only one good reason, and that is my engorged e-peen.

There’s also the quest of ever-increasing intelligence and if I really am a moron now or in the future. I think it’s moving to a net positive and my spatial skills are going up significantly, so that only scares me a little what I’ll do when I’m 30.

Now that that tangent KOd organically(well, not really), I don’t see why anyone would lie on the internet. Just don’t make a social profile anywhere and don’t link to one if you have one and you’ll be shielded from everything. But this allows people to lie and I don’t like that, so the next question is why would they lie in the first place? An outlet for your depravity seems very appealing, but why are you depraved? Just stop lying and you’ll endure harsh judgements and pain but after a while It’ll all even out because telling the truth is a net positive for the total context of society and is always good for your soul and head. It’s exponential increases in informational capacity that outpace your mental thresholds that make you feel smart, and if you can do that to a volitional level of mental happiness then you have it made and maintaining that would just give you a better backup if anything forces you to deviate and would also just make it easier to go higher up the scale.